Seattle Pickleball

City Guide

Seattle, the birthplace of pickleball! Here's the rundown:

Seattle has a serious pickleball community including an organizational body, Time for Pickleball. They have an exhaustive list of every court in Seattle (indoor and outdoor). We helped by consolidating the best outdoor open play opportunities if you're visiting or just getting acquainted with the Seattle scene.

Outdoor Open Play

See the schedule below, and use Playtime Scheduler to organize or join games.

Miller Playfield Tennis and Pickleball Courts (Capitol Hill)
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10am-Noon
Erne Scoop: Weather permitting! It's Seattle.
Bob Hassan Pickleball Courts (Green Lake)
Weekday Hours: 4pm-Sunset
Weekend Hours: 8am-10pm
Erne Scoop: If you're the first to arrive, grab Court #1. It's the only court that can't be reserved. Please also help chip in a few dollars, if you can, for reservations and equipment!
Shoreline Park (Shoreline)
Courts: 4 multi-lined tennis courts (up to 12 pickleball courts)
Weekday Hours: 4pm-the cows come home
Weekend Hours: 9am-1pm
Erne Scoop: All players welcome. This is a great entry point if you're new to pickleball! Bring a net if you have one.
Shoreview Park (Shoreline)
Courts: 2 multi-lined tennis courts (up to 6 pickleball courts)
Hours: Every day, 9:30am-sunset
Bitter Lake
Courts: 4 multi-lined tennis courts (up to 8 pickleball courts)
Hours: Monday-Friday, 5pm-10pm

For more, check out Time for Pickleball, email, or contact us directly!

- Erne Seattle