gear recommendations

a curated gear guide brought to you by our team of pickleball connoisseurs (including tour pros)

Gear Recommendations


Pro Graphite


Skill : Advanced

Style : power

Electrum claims to be the Apple of paddles. We wouldn't go that far, but their signature gritty surface makes this paddle ideal for advanced players who want to pick apart their opponents with spin and power. These paddles also feature a minimalist matte black aesthetic, if that's your thing.

Encore MX 6.0


Skill : Advanced

Style : Control

This advanced paddle is ideal for ex-tennis players, featuring a longer face and handle to extend reach and generate power. With the MX 6.0, players can expect surgical precision with every shot.

Ben Johns Signature


Skill : Advanced

Style : power

Ben Johns is the Michael Jordan of pickleball and this is his paddle. It's ideal for players looking to generate real power without sacrificing much control or spin. Our best guess for the low price-point is that it's made by sporting goods behemoth Franklin—it could easily sell for more.

Tempest Wave Pro


Skill : Advanced

Style : Consistency

This paddle is for advanced players who love to dink and want every shot to feel smooth, like cutting butter with a hot knife. The Tempest Wave Pro is built for touch and control around the net without sacrificing much power.